@Ganaderia was founded in 1999, from the passion for horses of Alfred and Mila, the initiative had a clear goal, the breading and reproduction of horses for competition. For that purpose they combined PRE mares with stallions from different central and north European breeds, in order toblenf the best qualities of each breed. Additionally, the créate a strict training plan, in order to achieve the best results in international competitions. This breed blend was named Caballo de Deporte Español (CDE), one of the horses that borned in our facilities, named @Hierro, achieved to be in the dressage National Team of Spain.

In parallel, the Arroba team was created, the team goal was to enhance the spanish young riders into international competitions. Soon started to achieve great results such as a team medal in the European championship.

With the sole intention of achieving both objectives previously explained, Arroba Ganaderia facilities were built as one of the best ecuestrian facilities in Europe, the facilities were called CARE (Centro de Alto Rendimiento Ecuestre), which means High Performance Ecuestrian Center. Lot of thought was brought into the construction process, always thinking to achieve the optimal conditions for the preparation for competition for the binomial, horse & rider.

The combination of both projects, Arroba Ganaderia and Arroba team was the seed of what today we call CARE facilities. Having changed the business model completely, nowadays our mission is to offer our clients stabling at the best equestrian facilities, on an unrivaled location.


All the books that exists about this matter, agree on a certain aspect, the name and the catle iron of a farm or stable, are related with its own origin. Whether by the name of the estate, either by a unique element of the estate (tree, path, wellspring, hill, etc,), either by the family name of the owner or farmer, or by the heraldic shield or coat of arms of the family, or by the foreman of the cattle raising, etc. The ORIGIN, that’s what is cool about it, the guiding principle of the tradition. As someone said, son of his times and inheritance of his past.

The genesis of the stables have their origin in an entrepreneurial idea which became a multimedia studio. Nothing could be further from the truth than the noble descent of cattle raising, nevertheless there it is.

It only exist a common word on such different industries, cattle raising and multimedia, which at the same time has interesting meanings in both backgrounds: Arroba.

Even in its etymology in Arabic matches with the genealogy of the Purebred Spanish Horse (P.R.E.), blend of Iberian wild horse and Arabic horse.

Its meaning in the digital universe, what else can be said, evidence of interactivity and symbol par excellence of global communication for the next millennium. Until now it has been the symbol between de user name and the server name.

It is also used in internet, in the chats, as cybernetic character with undoubtable wildcard meaning used amongst the surfers, and lastly I have seen it as a way of refering to masculine and femenine at the same time in the virtual world.

It’s figurative value, it’s obvius: @