Delivering sevice to our customers and  the well being of the horses,  
our reason for being

Find below the list and description of the ecuestrian services, such as stabling, short & mid term stays, clinics and competitions; and the complementary services, suchs as shooting location, events and accomodation.

Last but not least, if you have specific requirements or needs we can taylor made services. If you need any further explanation or the Price list, do not hesitate in contacting us.



Our main business is stabling for competition horses, we invite you to get to know our facilities, visit us and imagine yourself training with your horse on our arenas. We do offer as well stabling for amateurs, folks, rertireds or even per days. Taylor made your stabling to reach your requirements in terms of beding, feeding, paddock, horse well being and/or usage of competition facilities.


Our facilities are ideal for short and mid term rentals, for intercontinental riders whom travel to Europe for the European competitions; for winter stays for central and northeuropeans who are seeking milder weathers; for summer retreats for people spending their holidays in our region, Costa Brava; and last but not least as a resting spot for long distance transport between North Europe and South Spain or viceversa.


Our facilities are perfect for hosting clinics, meetings, competition trainings or technification programes to improve your aptitudes. If you are a looking an ecuestrian center where to host your clinic, do not hesitate to contact us, several federations, professionals have already trusted us to create their programmes. Additionally, Arroba Ganaderia offers its own profesional clinics in dressage.


The Arroba ganadería facilities were specially conceived and they are ready to host national and interntional competition, under the most strict quality and functionality parameters; with 3 competition arenas, two of 70*30 meters, one of them indoor, and the other of 100*50 meters, lunging arena, heated/air conditioned judge’s houses, uaio system through all the ecuestrian center, offices and changing rooms.



The Arroba Ganaderia facilities are second to none if you are looking for a unique spot to make a photo shooting or filming about anything related to the ecuestrian world, or simply with an ecuestrian atmosphere. Additionally on top of the ecuestrian background, the beauty of the area is unrivalled, with the natural reserve of les Gavarras, the history and culture of the EMporda with its medieval villages and meadows, and the beauty of of the Costa Brava.


In our facilities we have a construction of 900 m2 ideal for corporate or private celebrations, on an unparalleled location surrounded by nature and horses. This construction consists of an amazing ballroom of 700 m2, terrace, sofas area, meeting room, office center, bathrooms and changing rooms. Additionally, this construction includes, a fully equipped kitchen, fully equipped bar, separate staff and suppliers entrance and staff bathroom and changing room. Visit us!


If you would like to sleep in our facilities, we do have a fully equipped house of 200 m2 all in a ground floor, designed paying attention up to the detail and with all modern equipment which makes it really comfortable, fully licensed and insured.

The villa has 3 suites, living room with courtesy bathroom, hall, kitchen and dinning room, spacious terrace and outdoor dinning room. The villa has a standard occupation of 6 persons.